About Me

Welcome to Char's Kitchen! My name is Char (obvs), & I love food! One of my passions is to share a healthy, exciting & delicious lifestyle with others. Whether you want to fully embrace a vegan/raw lifestyle or merely flirt with it, I'm confident you'll find my abundance of wholefood recipes delicious, beautiful, & satiating.

History:I went vegan in December 2007 & have never looked back. Since November 2009, my diet has been high-raw, as I find I thrive on fruits & veggies. I am human, though: I don't eat a perfect diet, & I don't expect you to, either ;)

While we're on the topic of "diet," I would like to tell you that I hate that word :) This is my lifestyle, as there is no deprivation involved. I eat 'til my heart's content. We cannot be happy if we're in a constant state of hunger, now can we? Why sacrifice taste & mealtime enjoyment simply to be thin? Why not have both? A lifestyle that embraces the consumption of mostly raw fruits & veggies can promise you this. EAT! When your body has received all of its necessary nutrients, it will turn off its hunger signals. If you are eating processed foods (which are devoid of nutrients), you will never truly feel "full." Green smoothies, salads, veggie dishes...watch as I share with you how to make these fun & delicious!

I wish you all a life of love, happiness, & beautiful food! From my heart, to yours <3

Char, xo

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