Thursday, March 4, 2010

No Bake Chocolate Lemon Cookies

Yeeeaaaahhhh, the hands & feet make another appearance!! (Damn, I love those cookie cutters!!)
OMGOMGOMG I love these cookies!! So does everyone I have tested them on (shout out to my lucky food testers!). Seven people have given positive responses! No negative feedback on these bad boys. They have a fudgy/soft texture, and rich chocolate taste, with a delicate hint of lemon. Sooooooo proud of and excited about these!!
They are not raw (I haven't yet been able to part with my oats :P), but you can make them raw by omitting the oats and adding more pecans. It will be denser and richer, and just as yummy :)
By the way, this recipe makes waaaay more than just four cookies. I just thought this was a better picture than the one that had 12.
Sooo, yes, I know I made more chocolate. It's unavoidable for me; I just love it :) It helps start my day off right, and keeps me in a good mood. As long as you make it right, without adding dairy & sugar, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having your chocolate and eating it, too <3

From my kitchen, to yours:

1 cup pecans, soaked
1 1/2 cups oats
1/2 tsp sea salt
3 tbs shredded coconut
3 tbs cacao powder
2 tbs coconut oil
2 tbs lemon juice, from one lemon
1/2 cup dates

1) Process pecans, oats, sea salt, shredded coconut, and cacao powder until everything is finely chopped.
2) Add coconut oil and lemon juice and continue to process. Add dates and process until a ball forms.
3) Remove mixture from food processor. Form into any shapes you like; obvs I love using my favourite cookie cutters <3
4) Share!

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