Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Raw Nutella!! :)

Soooooo, remember that chocolate monster I was telling you about? Yeah, she was screaming loud & clear again. So I had to feed her.
I was given this recipe by my awesome friend (and fellow raw foodie) Katie Harris. It is amazing!! When she originally gave me the recipe, she told me it didn't taste completely like nutella, but that it was still delicious. Looking at the ingredients and remembering that nutella is made with skim milk, I made a couple tweaks to the recipe. First, I added more vanilla extract. Next, I used my raw vanilla almond mylk instead of water. It now tastes exactly like nutella :) I was eating it by the spoonful before the willpower superhero inside of me told me to step back and jar it. I like all of my nut butters mashed into banana (and Katie said this is also her favourite way to eat nutella). Believe me, after I took the picture and before I ate it, it definitely didn't look that pretty. I destroyed it with my spoon before digging into it. My brother couldn't stop talking about it after I gave him a spoonful. He is a big fan of nutella.

Though I always soak my nuts before using them in any recipe, it's highly recommended to do that for this one. It will make for a creamier consistency. Enjoy :)

2 cups hazelnuts, soaked
2 tbs coconut oil
1/2 cup raw vanilla almond mylk
1 tbs vanilla extract
2 tbs agave nectar
1/2 cup cacao powder
pinch sea salt

1) For a chunkier consistency, throw all ingredients into food processor and let 'em work together. For a smoother consistency, process the hazelnuts until fine first, and slowly add remaining ingredients.
2) Devour with sliced bananas or grab a spoon.


westcoastsoul said...

This is probably a dumb question, but what does soaking the hazelnuts involve? Like how long do you soak them for?

Char said...

Don't ever feel like it's a dumb question; no task is simple when it's still unlearned :)

All you have to do is put the hazelnuts in a bowl, and fill with water until the hazelnuts are covered. It's ideal to soak nuts for 12 hours, but if you can soak 'em for only 4, do it. This process removes the enzyme inhibitor that makes them difficult to digest. It also makes them easier to process. Rinse them well after soaking.

westcoastsoul said...

A little late, but thanks! Can't wait to try this :)

Char said...

haha, no worries! enjoy :)

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