Saturday, July 17, 2010

Toronto Part 4, & Veggie Rice Wraps!!

Day 5:
When Friday hit, it was a rainy day. Still stiflingly hot (I love it), we decided we were going to make the most of it anyway.
Breakfast was simple: I showed Lolo how to cut a pineapple, one of the best things I learned while living in Thailand. She chopped the cantaloupe & mango, & we sat down to a platter of fruit :) Simple. Awesome.
And onward we went to the shops! Lolo needed to pick up some things for the kitties, as well as some shelves for her kitchen. Then she did something super awesome for both of us. Ever heard of a spiralizer? I’ve wanted one since I went vegan. She bought us EACH one!! Love you, Lolo :) More info on those below!
Before continuing shopping, we decided it was time to have some lunch…at ‘LIVE’ raw food restaurant! I can’t possibly describe to you how amazing it was. We shared an appy & 2 main courses. We figured this way we could sample a little of each dish :)
Our starter? RAW POUTINE!! No, I’m not joking. I couldn’t believe it when I saw poutine on their raw food menu. So, um, yes, we HAD to order it.
Holy French fries, Batman. Was this ever incredible. Fresh crisp Jicama 'fries' topped with an herbed cashew crumble and miso gravy….I have no words. Mostly because my mouth is full of drool.

….and then our mains :) We first ordered the Soft Shell Tacos: Corn tortillas filled with fresh salsa, guacamole, cashew sour cream, jalapeno jelly and spiced walnut 'taco meat'.

We also ordered the Smoked Reuben: Sesame kale and carob 'rye' bread smothered with a spicy sesame mayo, avocado, probiotic sauerkraut and smoked walnut veggie patty. Served with root veggie chips and dill pickles. Verdict on both? OH EM GEE!! My tastebuds sang, danced, clapped, took a bow, & went back for more!! We were both super impressed with the food. Since each plate had two pieces, we traded one for one. Probably ate more than we usually would for lunch, but hey! You only live once. Balance ;)

After our fabulous lunch, we headed to Costco to stock up on fruits & veggies (that’s honestly where I do most of my grocery shopping). Mangos, peaches, zucchini….om nom nom!! Lolo also picked us up the BEST cutting boards (pictured below). They have a collapsible draining bowl, & are perfect for cutting veggies over the sink :) I use mine all the time now.
And home we went, to test out our new spiralizers! Check the photo: isn’t that so freakin’ cool?? Waaaaay faster than peeling zucchini with a potato peeler!

First, we made up our delicious rice wraps for lunch the next day. Then, we used the leftovers to create a light dinner (lunch was a little too heavy, so we weren’t feeling very hungry). Both were amazing!! See the noodles in the wrap? WOW!! These were soooo good! Made mostly from tofu & water, these noodles have only 25 calories in a serving. Watch for more recipes with these bad boys in later posts ;) Try them!! We lovelovelove ‘em :) Bon apetit, foodies!

Veggie Rice Wraps

2 rice paper wraps
½ cup mixed greens
1 carrot, spiralized
1 zucchini, spiralized
1 small cucumber, spiralized
1 small handful of pea sprouts
4 slices avocado
4 slices tomato
½ bag tofu noodles, rinsed & drained (3.5oz)
½ batch of Rawsome ‘Peanut’ Sauce


1) Wet a clean towel & lay it down on the counter. Take your first rice paper wrap & lay it down on one end of the towel. Fold other side over & leave for one minute, or until soft.
2) Place soft wrap on a plate. Top with half the greens, half the carrot, half the zucchini, half the cucumber, half the pea sprouts, half the avocado, half the tomato, & half the noodles.
3) Fold bottom end of the wrap in, & then roll the sides together, leaving the top end open (like a burrito). Wrap tightly in saran wrap.
4) Store in the fridge. Serve with my Rawsome ‘Peanut’ Sauce.

Spiralized Salad

1 carrot, spiralized
1 zucchini, spiralized
1 small cucumber, spiralized
1 Roma tomato, diced
¼ avocado, diced
Small handful pea sprouts
1 ½ tbs Newman’s Own Sesame Ginger dressing
1) Toss all ingredients together. Divide equally between two bowls & serve :)

Georgie & Lolo, xo


Leah. said...

Those rice wraps look so yummy :)

Char said...

soooooooo yummy!! try 'em ;)

Jessica said...

everything looks sooo good!! I usually just run my rice wraps under water and that works too, but your idea is great too!!!

I LOVE my spiralizer, so much fun!! Glad you are having fun!!

Char said...

that's a good idea, too! thanks, Jess :)

I know, I'm waaaay hooked on my spiralizer!! :D

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