Friday, September 4, 2009

Butternut Squash Hashbrowns!!!

Oh wow. I LOVE hashbrowns!! So I sorta got the idea for this recipe awhile ago, when I saw it on the internet somewhere. It had more ingredients, though, and I'm sure you can add some and it would taste great. But I'm a simple girl, and I just love ketchup :) Onions, garlic, chives...I'm sure all these things would taste great, too! The texture of this was soft, yet the crunchy, burnt bits were also awesome!! This was breakfast AND lunch today...


coconut oil, for frying

one peeled, grated butternut squash


1) Heat oil in a pan, over medium to high heat.

2) Add shredded butternut squash. Let cook for several minutes, turning every so often to make sure it is all cooked. Don't be scared of it sticking or browning; that's the best part!

3) Scoop onto a plate, with all the ketchup your heart desires :)

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