Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chocolate Banana Pudding

When I first started planning this pudding, I honestly hadn't thought of using a banana. Avocado for creaminess, yes, & obvs the raw cacao powder with some agave for sweetening, but no banana. I was driving home from work thinking about my poor, sad, avocado that needed release from his slow death (read: very ripe avocado needed to be eaten). Obvs chocolate came to mind because, well, it's my mind. So anyhoo, I had this banana that was quite a trooper, living in my purse all day. Bright & yellow in the morning, he took some beatings as I swung my purse around here & there. Though as bruised as my shins always look (I'm a terrible clutz), I had faith that he could last until morning when I would share him with my greens in a smoothie. Well, plans change when you're trying to get out of the car and accidentally elbow your banana. And I don't mean just lightly; I broke the peel on both sides, and the mush was starting to ooze out. "Okay, I'm having a chocolate & banana pudding."
It was way amazing! :) I lovelovelove having desserts on a cleanse. I have, as you know, an insatiable sweet tooth, so deprivation does not work for me. It's so much fun to make healthy, yummy desserts that warrant absolutely no guilt. Promise you will adore this <3

1 ripe avocado
1 ripe banana (squished & bruised = A.OK)
1-2 tbs cacao powder
1 tsp agave nectar
pinch sea salt
1 tbs cacao nibs, for topping

1) Put all ingredients except the nibs in a food processor. Blend until all ingredients are well-combined.
2) Scoop pudding into bowl; top with cacao nibs.
3) Feed your body.

Char xo


westcoastsoul said...

Can you really taste the avocado? Cuz I'm not a fan but I do appreciate them for how good they are for you. If it just tastes chocolatey I'm in!

Char said...

No, you can't really taste it; it's there just for creaminess. Use a small one ;)

avanhilen said...

This is soooo good! I never would have thought to add the avocado, but its works really well; and I love avocados so I'll use any excuse I can to eat them. :-) I added another banana, some rice milk and a scoop of Vega to make a smoothie and that worked too. Thanks for the idea!

Char said...

thank you for your posting your mods! I was wondering how it would taste to add some Vega; I'm def gonna do that!

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