Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rawthentic Eatery; Qualicum Beach, BC, Vancouver Island

I lovelovelove Rawthentic Eatery, and have spent waaaaaay too much money there. My girlfriend, though, is from the mainland (where I used to live), and had never been there. She's also a vegan, and has taken an interest in raw foods. This was a place she just had to go to. Hmmmmm, okay, twist my rubber arm! :)
This first delicious masterpiece is a "burger," served with their kale-licious salad. It was incredible!! I can't even believe how good the mayo was; it was like White Spot mayo! The patty had a bbq flavour to it, like it had just come off the grill, and the onions tasted like they had been fried (keep in mind, again, that this is all raw). I cannot, seriously, describe how incredibly amazing this is! Their kale-licious salad has always been an addiction of mine, and they've now added spinach into the mix!! The texture of the spinach somehow gives the salad a smoother, creamier taste. (Crap, this review is making me hungray!!)
This next beautiful creation was raw cake!! I have nooooo idea how they made it so light & fluffy, and the icing so rich & creamy. It was exactly like "real" birthday cake!! To live for! This cake had my toes curling, and my gf & I sighing moans of "mmmmmmm!" as we savoured every single bite. The icing honestly tasted like the stuff that your average grocery store smears onto a store-bought cake. Best part is, tummy ache afterwards :)
This next cake was called yin & yang. Half the cake had a somewhat dense-fluffy chocolate part to it, and the other half was a dense-creamy white chocolate part. (I'm finding it very hard to describe the texture, but it was perfect!) While we loved both the texture & taste, the birthday cake won, hands down :)

We were talking to one of the sisters who owns Rawthentic, and she said that she dehydrates her lemon rinds, grinds them into a powder, and sprinkles them into desserts n such. What a fantastic idea!! Soooo, when we got back to my house, out came the way too many lemon rinds I had stashed in my fridge, as well as my dehydrator, who missed me. These are my fresh lemon rinds on the tray, ready to have their water sucked out. I am so so sooooo stoked to see how this idea turns out!
Being that it was Easter weekend, my mommy didn't forget to get me a vegan Easter bunny & tell me that she loves me :) Awwwww! haha.
She buys me this Lindt bunny every year, & I lovelovelove him (though I don't think he likes to be eaten...). With just 5 pronounceable ingredients in this li'l guy, I'm a happy, happy chocolate-loving lady.

Though I'd already received a chocolate bunny...I saw a raw one at Rawthentic and couldn't leave him there! I have yet to eat this one, but I've had Rawthentic's chocolate bars & macaroons & truffles n such before, and they are amaaaazing, so I'm totally trusting that this new bunny friend will be, too.

CARROT CAKE!!! :D Ahhh, I have been craving this for so long! I bought one at Rawthentic as a snack for later, and wow! It was sweetened just perfectly (I don't like things to be too sweet), and the crunch of the softened carrots was just perfect! The kream cheese icing was also a bit of heaven, and complimented it incredibly well :) *siiiigh* I love fooooooood!

We visited Naked Naturals, & I showed my gf this vegan mac & cheese...she grabbed it immediately! Haha, and was kind enough to share it for dinner :)

While it def hit the spot, and reminded us a lot of mac & cheese, it would have been better if I had had some soy mylk on hand. I used soy butter & water (the thought of adding my raw vanilla almond mylk was just groooooooss!!). It was pretty creamy, yummy, & cheesy :) No complaints; just probs would have benefited from some soy mylk.

The next morning, it was time to take my lemon rinds out of the dehydrator. mmm mmm mmm, I can't wait to come up with some new recipes for these bad boys! They are all ready to be ground & sprinkled. I'll keep you posted ;)

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