Thursday, May 13, 2010

Banana Oatmeal RAWKS ;)

Once upon a time, in a land called Errington, a raw foodie princess woke up very hungry. Tired of the same old agave, & wanting a nutritional boost in her oatmeal, she discovered *cue angels singing* BANANAS TASTE BETTER!!
I'm sure I've rambled on about this before. I lovelovelove bananas!! I read a whole two page article on bananas awhile ago: they are good for everything from your brain, to your mood, to your digestive system, muscle contractions, tastebuds...I probably eat waaaaaaay too many bananas, but you can't stop me!!! mwahahaha :) I always feel so good after eating a banana (ummm...or 3).
Anyhoo, yeah...this picture looks pretty, but it's not exactly how I ate it...afterwards, I took the whole banana & mashed it into my oatmeal with the cinammon. Perhaps you're getting a clear mental image of why I took the photo beforehand :)
OOOOOOOO, & in case you're a chocolate junkie like I am (just put it in my veeeiiinnnss!!), I added a tablespoon of cacao powder after. Chocolate Cinammon Banana Oatmeal. omg. LML <3 I was seriously heading upstairs to my room with just the banana & cinammon in my oatmeal when my brain suddenly went, "omfg, chocolate." I ran back downstairs & corrected my error :) Choose whichever modification suits your tastebuds/mood best. Personally, I go for chocolate 99% of the time ;) om nom nom.

From my kitchen, to yours <3

1/2 cup steel cut oats, soaked in water overnight
1 banana (it's gotta be a mashable texture. obvs.)
cinammon, to taste
1tbs raw cacao (optional. but are you seriously gonna leave it out?)

1) Drain water from oats.
2) Mash banana into oats. Sprinkle in cinammon & cacao. Continue to mash.
3) Eat it. Because you shouldn't make food & not eat it :)

Char xo


westcoastsoul said...

Mmm looks delicious :D

Miss Bell said...

I will be trying this very soon!

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