Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"hmmmm....Fries? Or Salad?"

I feel this post is really necessary, because of how well society seems to brain-wash everyone. We see a product that claims, 'low-fat,' 'organic,' 'vegan,' 'source of calcium,' 'natural,' etc, & we assume that this means all of these products must be healthy for us. While it's on the right track, it's far from ideal.
I have a friend who works for a major fast food chain, & obviously sees some pretty unhealthy people quite often. The other day, a man came into the restaurant & was trying to order a combo. He'd decided that he wanted a poutine...but wrestled with himself. "I really should have a salad...can I have a macaroni salad instead?"
Oh geez. My friend wanted to say something, but how do you tell someone that their not doing themselves any favours without being rude? (Btw, the macaroni salad had about 150 calories MORE than the poutine!! And the sad thing was that he ate it because he felt like he should.)
If we called food what it actually was, perhaps there would be less confusion. If the side he ordered with his combo was correctly named "macaroni egg fat," I doubt he would have made such a mistake. Then again, this wouldn't sell very much product, now would it?
When it comes to restaurants, everything is all about taste. They don't care whether or not your saddlebags are going to be well-packed afterwards: they simply want you to like your food. Butter, mayo, oil, cheese, sugar, cream...all of these things are added liberally, because the mood receptors in your brain respond well to carbs & fat (though it's pretty obvious that the rest of your body won't).
When ordering salad in a restaurant, be mindful of the word "creamy." Ask for oil-based dressing on the side, no bacon bits or egg, extra can have a healthy meal while eating out. You just need to be incredibly mindful & honest with yourself. You can pretend all you want that what you're eating is only 300 calories, but your body is going to know the difference in a 1400 calorie salad. And yes, this is typical in a restaurant. Rememer: cute butts don't just happen. They take discipline & work ;) You CAN do it!! EAT YOUR GREENS!! :D

Char xo

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