Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Banana Wraps!! :D

Who doesn't love bananas?? :) These bad boys are pretty much where I get the bulk of my calories from. I eat about 10 bananas a day. I lovelovelove bananas!! Om nom nom :D
This summer, I was in Qualicum Beach visiting the farmer's market. All of the local farmers, artisans, bakers, crafters 'n such bring their amazing goodies to make available for purchase.
I was lucky enough to run into a friend there :) His mom sells jam, & she had made a new one: Strawberry, sweetened with Stevia!! Not only did they let me have a taste, but they gave me the jar :) Cheers to spreading the love!
Wanting to feature it on my blog in appreciation, I created this recipe :) Enjoy! (And much thanks to Landon & his mom!)

2 rice wraps
1 tbs almond butter
1 tbs jam (pick your fave flavour, or mash a few berries!)
1 ripe banana, peeled

1) Lightly sprinkle water onto wraps, & rub all over. Stack the wraps together, so they stick together & hold well.
2) Spread almond butter & jam on the rice wraps, then top with the banana.
3) Roll up like a burrito & chow down!

P.S. I am often asked why I don't eat peanut butter. In truth, I could have a tablespoon of it, & wake up with a massive zit on my cheek. Peanuts are the 'dirty nut.' They absorb toxins in the ground. Only the dirtiest, moldiest peanuts are used for peanut butter. So, um, YAY ALMOND BUTTER!! :D

Peace, love, food

Char, xo


Sarah-Lyn said...

Oh wow!! You said the magic word 'banana' ... I LOVE bananas ... defintiely gotta try this one! :)


Sarah-Lyn said...

p.s. I think you've just turned me off from peanut butter lol !! I needed that insight, thank you!!

I'm a nut butter addict but am switching to almond butter only, asap!

Jessica said...

Hey Char,
Is the farmers market in Qualicum worth visiting? I LOVE farmers markets!! If you ever get a chance to check out the on in Courtneay do it! It's fantastic!

westcoastsoul said...

Mmm sounds yummy! Jessica, have you been to the farmers market in Campbell River? Apparently it's one of the top 10 in Canada!

Elizabeth said...

Shortly after going raw I learned the ugly truth about peanut butter. I have a husband who LOVES it and eats it often. I wish I could get him off it and eating all of the yummy nut butters I do. I will keep trying, I want him healthy too. Have you heard about peanut butter made with Valencia peanuts? Is that any better for you?
I love this recipe. I have not worked with rice wraps yet. I am going to give it a try.
Peace and Raw Health,

Char said...

Just so you ladies know...cashew butter is my all-time fave :D lovelovelove!! also, pumpkin seed butter, mmmmmm :)

Jessica: It's worth visiting if you're in the area, but it's very small. You won't be able to pick up too many things, but they have a lot of great produce, jams, raw foods, baked goods, plants, etc.

Elizabeth: I've tried Valencia peanut butter & still had breakouts (which means that they contain toxins). Peanuts in general will absorb toxins in the ground, whether "good" or moldy peanuts are used for the nut butter. Even buying regular peanuts is not recommended. If you read the China Study, they talk about how aflatoxin (a deadly carcinogen) is often found in peanut butter. Maybe that will stop your hubby? ;)

peace, love, & food ladies <3

Miss Bell said...

I'd like to introduce you to Bell Plantation, a company that makes powdered peanut butter =) They dry roast American peanuts and press all the oil out! This product (to me ) is the bees' knees!

Char said...

I have heard of them! :D I think that's pretty awesome, but I just can't eat peanut butter. I like my clear skin :) hehe
I've noticed that roasted almond butter tastes EXACTLY like peanut butter anyway! yaaay

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