Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chocolate Raspberry Martini!!

When it comes to life, I love me some balance :) I appreciate beautiful, whole, sexy foods, but I also appreciate my fave drinks, & gettin' a lil bit tipsy ;) My girlfriend was packing to move away (*sniff*), & was feeling a little worn down from working a lot, cleaning, & well, packing. So we made some martinis, had some beach time, & got snapped! Ohhh, summer, how I love you <3 We shared some 'Lolotinis' & made a few Chocolate Raspberry Martinis as well (we found the recipe on the bottom of her new glass). Who says happy is only an hour? ;) Cheers to friends!! <3
From our tipsy days, to yours <3

1 1/2 oz raspberry vodka
1/2 oz chocolate liquer
splash of soda water

1) Shake ingredients in a martini shaker.
2) Pour into your glass.
3) Please enjoy responsibly ;)

Peace, love, food, & drinks <3

Char, xo

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westcoastsoul said...

Holy cats that martini sounds delicious!

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