Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cactus Club Café

**This is not an endorsement**

One of my favourite restaurants, hands down, is Cactus Club Café. I love the funky atmosphere, friendly staff, incredible martinis (I've tried all of them!), & amazing food. I’ve often frequented the Nanaimo & Victoria locations on Vancouver Island, choosing to celebrate my birthday there every year for the past 5 years.
Proudly calling themselves “The House of Yes,” they have always been accommodating to my lifestyle. My favourite items to order?
Usually, I ask for their Veggie Rice Bowl (Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl w/o chicken), with brown rice & no yogurt. On occasion, I ask for it topped with avocado slices. The vegetables are always sautéed perfectly, crisp-tender, the rice is soft & flavourful, & the delicious teriyaki sauce perfectly brings it all together. Presentation, too, is always immaculate :)
(FYI: the above photo was taken before I saw the chicken in my bowl....I sent it back, obvs. They were very apologetic & replaced it immediately.)
My other choice? This is actually probably my favourite dish right meow: Portabello Mushroom Fajitas. OMFG, writing about them now makes me want them bad. BAD! I’m tempted to get in my car…
Anyhoo, I do kinda wish they had whole grain tortillas, BUT, I do love how they serve the soft, warm, flour tortillas on the side for you to dish your goodies into. I ask for my fajitas to be served with guacamole instead of cheese & sour cream. They also come with salsa fresca & black beans. Om nom nom.
The mushroom strips are perfectly grilled, seasoned & blackened. Crispy on the outside & tender on the inside, these would please an omnivore’s palate. The remaining grilled cajun vegetables are crisp-tender & full of flavour.
Wrap up the guacamole, salsa, black beans, lettuce, portabellos, & cajun veggies in a warm tortilla, take a big bite aaaand....let your toes wiggle, your eyes roll back, & let an "mmmmmmmm" escape your lips. Seriously, go indulge. Right meow.
Cactus Club Café, I heart you <3

peace, love, food

Char, xo


Miss Bell said...

I haven't been to the Cactus Club in years, preferring instead to bring my patronage to non-chain restaurants, but it's good to know that they are so accommodating. A grilled portabello fajita sounds scrumptious! Great review - you should let the restaurant know =)

Jessica said...

Funny, I have never thought of that place, I just figured they would be like the rest of the chain restrants, where everything is slathered in cheese!

Next time in Nanaimo, I'm hitting it up for sure!

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