Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cheesy Bean Dip

On Sunday, I was still feeling pretty down in the morning, so I went and picked up my brother for company. We hadn't really spent time alone together in awhile, and it was nice to see him :)

...He is a big, growing 15-year-old who loves food. So when he said he was hungry, I knew he'd enjoy some nachos.
This recipe is so ridiculously easy to make, and filled him right up. When he ran out of chips, he just ate the rest with a spoon :) Kinda wish I had had some guacamole or Tofutti's Sour Supreme, but he loved this as is. He said it reminded him of the nachos w/ refried beans we had in Cabo San Lucas! Awesome :D Even more awesome? He says he likes Daiya cheese more than dairy cheese ;)
We watched movies and cartoons, talked and laughed. I am so thankful for my brother, so thankful for my family, so thankul for my friends <3

From my happy home to yours :) <3

1 can beans in tomato sauce
1/3 cup Daiya cheddar cheese
optional: couple dashes of Tabasco sauce!

Serve with any of the following: nachos, salsa, guacamole, and/or Sour Supreme

1) In a small pot over medium heat, warm beans and Daiya cheese until cheese is melted. Add Tabasco if desired.
2) Serve warm with any and all desired optional sides!

peace, love, food <3
Char, xo


Miss Bell said...

OMG this sounds tasty! I have been on a out-of-control daiya kick recently =) I was wondering if I saw you today at a secondary school 80's Pep rally. If not, you have a dopelganger at my new place of employment =)


Char said...

OMG for real?? YEAH, that was me!! haha, such a small world :) are you a veggie, too?

you MUST try this!! <3 it's sooo good. I'm thinking about mixing it with some rice and making burritos... :D

peace, love, food <3

Miss Bell said...

I'm veggieish =) We get out meat from a Farm in Errington where the animals have good careers before they head off to the barn in the sky.I also lean toward dairy alternatives, but not always. So, I flirt wih lots of ideas! I will say a proper hello next time I see you.

Char said...

that's awesome! :) I was at the school again on Thursday, filing all of the interim reports in alphabetical order :p I didn't leave the staff room once, haha

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