Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chocolate Vanilla Almond Butter Smoothie

I'm pretty sure it's totally obvious by now that I have a disgustingly insatiable sweet tooth. Yeah, I love my veggies and eating food that isn't super sweet, but the chocolate monster in my mind is always there. I can't feed it enough.

This is why I love raw and vegan foods so much. I can indulge my chocolate monster needs without panicking about being super fat, damaging my cholesterol, or falling victim to diseases like diabetes. People rejoice! You can have chocolate for breakfast!

The vanilla almond mylk called for in this smoothie is from a post I made a few days ago. The rest of this recipe kinda just came to me.

First, I knew I had to use up more of that mylk. The recipe says it can hold for 5 days in the fridge (I always stretch those numbers). Also, I keep having berry smoothie recipes for breakfast This is what I was talking about in my previous post; breaking routine. I drink Vega in my smoothies because it is gluten, soy, dairy, & sugar-free, and because it is made from plant proteins, AND because it gives me all of my essential vitamins and nutrients that I need. Also, it tastes pretty damn good. I got comfy with the berry flavour (I gotta stop being so comfortable with everything!), and that's all I would ever buy. Well yesterday, I bought "natural" Vega. No flavour, no scent, just natural. So now, I'm going to try MANY different types of smoothies ;) Feel free to sub in your own protein powders in place of the one called for. (Keep in mind, strawberry flavoured ones will obvs taste very different.)

The one I made for breakfast this morning was to live for! Heaven sent! Pretty sure I've never had a chocolate drink that tasted better. It was so creamy, so smooth...but don't listen to me, find out for yourself... ;)

1 cup vanilla almond mylk
1 scoop Vega powder (natural or chocolate flavour)
1 heaping tbs cocoa powder (or cacao, to make it totally raw)
1 tbs almond butter

1) Blend it. Breakfast is served!

P.S. Any nut butter will work in this (cashew butter is super nummy!)
P.P.S. Tastes even better if made the night before and left in the fridge! It's like drinking chocolate pudding, OHMYGOSHSOGOOD!!

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