Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cinammon Banana Buttermylk

Daaaammmnn, this is so yummy!! It's like having a latte! You could even warm it slightly (104 degrees to keep it raw), and serve it like that. I also had some in my vanilla rooibos tea, and in my smoothies. MMMMMM, I love fooooood!!
This is another recipe I took from Ani Phyo, and I didn't change anything. So glad I didn't, she has it down perfect! Cinammon, bananas, and almond butter make a beautiful, creamy combination. Everyone I tested this on loves it! (Especially in the tea!) I'm sure this would also compliment coffee very well, too, though I'm not really a coffee drinker anymore. Ooooo, and cereal!!! :D
I know I just made a banana kreme pie, but I still had a large stash of ripe bananas from the over-abundance that I scored from work (yeeeaaaahhh, free bananas!! :D). When life gives you bananas, make pie and buttermylk <3

3 ripe bananas
2 tsp cinammon
1/2 cup almond butter
pinch sea salt
4 cups water

1) Blend all ingredients until smooth. Serve however your heart desires.

This was my yummy nummy smoothie :) I took about 1 cup buttermylk, 1 scoop Vega Natural, and 2tbs cocoa. Delish!! It has been my breakfast the last few mornings :)

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