Monday, February 22, 2010

Coconut Oil, Nature's Magic

Sooo you're probably thinking, "What the hell? This is a food blog, why is there a picture of Char's face?" Because, my dear friends, it has to do with fooooood! This is me, in all my make-up free glory.
The more I become interested in the art of food, I'm discovering little things that draw me more towards raw. Everything from shinier hair, softer & clearer skin, to easing of stomach pains, and having bounds of energy. Not only that, it's so much easier to prepare raw foods, and I don't find it to be expensive (as I know some skeptics have commonly thought). When you're eating nutrient-rich foods, you don't need to eat as much; therefore, you're spending less on food volume. Besides, wouldn't you rather invest in your health now than suffer the consequences of prescription meds (and pain) later?
I am now about 95% raw. It's not as difficult as I had once thought it might be. You don't need to create elaborate dishes all the time; I just do that to keep things interesting, so I don't become bored. (I seriously just devoured the recipe for raw chocolate fudge icing. The whole thing. I needed chocolate.)
For the most part, though, I snack on fresh fruits (a lot of bananas), prepared salads, and soaked nuts & seeds. Larabars are also a great food stash that I keep readily available in my purse, in case of emergency. The key is to always be prepared; keep food with you! I'm pretty much a squirrel that way. There is always food in my purse.
Back to the coconut oil. Since discovering raw foods, I've learned how much they can be used for cleaning around the house, as well as skin care. Ani Phyo saves her lemon rinds, and puts them in her bathtub filled with water. This degreases her tub, and is eco-friendly. She also uses them to degrease her counters. I am now saving my lemon rinds.
Coconut oil is a great moisturizer and eye make up remover (this I also learned from Ani). Think about it; your skin is your largest organ. Anything you put on it will be absorbed, as if you were eating it. Would you eat your moisturizer? Well, I would :) I've been using coconut oil for about a week, and I'm loving the benefits! My skin is soooooooo incredibly soft, I didn't know it was possible. It's also cleared up a lot (I've always had a hard time with acne).
Keep in mind, though, that a VERY little bit goes a VERY long way. It can be quite greasy if used liberally, so start with about half a teaspoon and go from there. Let it absorb into your skin a little before applying make up. (I use Estee Lauder's mineral makeup, as it is natural, and they do not test on animals <3)
Try it out. Let me know if it works for you.

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