Thursday, April 1, 2010

Behold...the 'Char Bars'

I did it. I freakin' did it. I made the cookies that are going to make me famous. I thought about everything that could go into a cookie that would make me happy, and thus, my Char Bars were born. My mom is the most impossible person to please when it comes to my raw foods; she's a meat & potatoes girl. One taste of this, though, and she melted. My brother's toes curled, and he got a silly, happy grin on his face. (I help homeschool him, and it's the only way I've found to get him motivated: "I'll give you a Char Bar." He does anything for me now.) My grandma also swooned. Imagine a fudgy, chewy, creamy, & crunchy collection of chocolate & almonds married into a little cookie. I have never, ever, been more proud of a creation.
....Unfortunately, and I truly, truly, feel really bad about this, but I cannot share this recipe; I'm going to try to market it. If you want to buy them from me now, I will be selling them in packages of 3 for $7.00CAN. Char Bars are about 70% raw.

On another note, I wanted to mention something you may find interesting: I am very prone to acne, as I have very sensitive skin. While away in Mexico, due to the drinking, soy, and gluten I was consuming, I started to break out in acne on my chin, and my skin got very dry and flaky. Except for a little "stewp" last night (cross between soup & stew), I have been entirely raw since I've been home. My tummy does not hurt, my energy levels have gone up, I've had no mood swings, and OH YEAH! Clear, smooth skin :)


**UPDATE, MAY 17th, 2009: Char Bars have been lovingly re-named Char Stars, as they now come shaped like stars! Also, there is a new flavour: Cinammon Coconut Almond.


westcoastsoul said...

I want some when I get home! I won't make you ship them to France haha.

Char said...

awesome! let me know when you come home :)

Miss Sari said...

Good for you for finding a way to market something you're so passionate about. It's generous of you to share sooo many delicious recipes with us. Go Char Bars!!

Char said...

Thank you, Sari!!

Leah. said...

They look really good!

Char said...

They're so addicting! I swear, it's so hard to keep from getting fat everytime I make these :P

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