Thursday, July 1, 2010

Raw Linguini Pasta w/ Jalapeno 'Cheddar' Sauce

OMG!! Raw Pastaaaa!! Remember my Spinach & Mushroom Pizza w/ Jalapeno ‘Cheddar’ Sauce? Well the jalapeno ‘cheddar’ doubles as a pasta sauce!! I lovelovelove raw pastas!! I used to be a big spaghetti girl, but stopped eating it because it made me feel bloated or would give me acid reflux. Discovering zuchinni ‘pasta’ was definitely one of my favourite moments :)

Don’t leave the mushrooms out of this: They mesh sooooooooooo beautifully with the sauce!! Ahhhhh, I can’t even describe how good this is!! Try it! Go, right now, to your kitchen! Dooooo it!!

1 large zuchinni
3-4 tbs jalapeno 'cheddar' sauce
3-4 crimini mushrooms, sliced

1) Chop ends off zuchinni, & peel into long, pasta-like strands. Use a spiralizer or potato peeler. Either one will get the chop done ;)
2) Toss zuchinni 'noodles' with jalapeno 'cheddar' sauce.
3) Top 'pasta' with mushrooms.
4) Devour.

Peace, Love, Food <3

Char, xo


Lolo said...

I just had this for dinner and packed the rest for my lunch tomorrow.

Om nom nom.

Char said...

hehe, rawsome! :D

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