Friday, July 2, 2010

Vega Community's Member of the Month, June

I wanted to make a copy of my own, in case the link to Vega's ever gets lost :)

Congratulations to the Vega community’s third member of the month - Charlene Tomlinson!

Charlene is passionate about healthy food, and a great resource for encouragement in pursuing a healthy lifestyle. She even has her own blog – with a wealth of recipe ideas and tips.

We’d like to extend a big thank-you to Charlene for her enthusiasm and positive energy in the community – it helps to motivate the rest of the community towards success in reaching health goals.

1) What is biggest way that the Thrive diet has changed your life?

I feel like a brand-new person every morning when I wake up! I have energy, and a bubbly confidence I had never found before. I have also used everything I've learned about nutrition & recipes, and put it into my food blog, so that I can help others Thrive!

I have a true passion for food that I love sharing with others. Many of my blog followers have been inspired to change their lifestyles: THAT is an amazing feeling!

2) How and when did you find about Vega products?

Shortly after becoming vegan, a lot of my friends and family worried: some said it wasn't healthy, or that I would become malnourished. It was new to all of us, so many found it hard to be supportive of my new lifestyle. My mom decided to do the research, though, and found Brendan's page. She told me about the products and his book, and I was hooked. A male athlete could do it, and so could I!

3) What is your favorite vegan recipe?

I'm really into raw foods right meow! My favourite smoothie recipe is my Mexican Pina Colada Smoothie (of course made with Vega!)

My favourite cookies at the moment are my No-Bake Chocolate Lemon Cookies! OM NOM NOM :)

4) What is your favorite workout?

Hands down, anything yoga! It helps me build strong, lean muscles, while also helping to calm and relax my mind. If every person practiced yoga, I truly believe we'd have world peace.

5) What are your current fitness goals?

Right now, I'm focusing on maintenance, and possibly increasing flexibility. I have worked very hard to get to where I'm at, and I love my body for all that it can do! I plan to continue challenging it: I'll be climbing more mountains, running more trails, swimming more lakes, just to see the amazing power in my muscles!

6) How has the Vega community impacted your fitness goals/training?

It is so encouraging to see how supportive everyone is! No one has an "all or nothing" attitude here; it's just about being the best you. The positive energy that is shared in this community is uplifting and contagious :) It makes the Thrive lifestyle even more effortless.

7) What motivates you to pursue a healthy lifestyle?

I notice a difference in the way I feel when I'm not eating properly: my mood dips, my tummy hurts, my energy gets low, and I don't have the same passion for life. When I'm following the Thrive lifestyle, I feel like I'm glowing! I have love for myself, life, and all the people in it! My skin is clear and soft, my hair is shiny and soft. And I'm constantly recieving "thank you's" from people who tell me I have inspired them to change their lifestyles. There are just too many benefits to living life this way! Thank you, Brendan, thank you Vega!

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