Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Raw Chocolate Coconut Truffles

Mmmmm, chocolate. Guilt-free chocolate <3

At a recent Nanaimo raw potluck, I had the opportunity to sample Vida Turok's new raw chocolates. (Vida owns and runs The Vitamin House in North Nanaimo.)
She has created the most amazing chocolates, and is now selling them privately. Knowing my Valentine would love to share some with me, I placed an order for Vida's raw chocolate coconut truffles. As a gift, she tucked a raw chocolate bar with buckwheat crispies inside as well :)
What did my Valentine say?
Well he definitely prefers raw chocolate over any store-bought chocolate bars, as do I. Rich and satisfying, these treats are perfect aphrodisiacs. The coconut fills the inside of the truffles with a delicate sweetness, and the buckwheat crispies remind me of chocolates w/ rice crispies inside that I used to love as a kid...only better :)
Surrounded by candle light and rose petals, we savoured our delicious chocolates made with passion and love.

Thank you, Vida, and Happy Valentine's Day :)

peace, love, chocolate <3
Char, xo

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