Friday, February 11, 2011

Shitake Mushroom & Kale Risotto

lovelovelove!! <3

I had been craving risotto for months. MONTHS! ...possibly longer? But everytime I saw a recipe, I felt overwhelmed (read: lazy), and would decide to skip it. Then came Dairy Free Betty's post: Mushroom & Kale Quinoa Risotto.

*cue angels singing*

After an intense hot yoga class, all I could think about was that risotto. I'd already bought the ingredients, so I decided to just go for it (despite the fact that it was 9pm).
Verdict? It was hard to stop eating :P I ate half the recipe and had to make myself stop and save the rest for lunch (I mean...breakfast) the next day.
The only changes I made...I prefer brown rice to quinoa, so I used that instead. (If you do this, keep in mind that there is a longer cook time then there is for quinoa, and you'll likely need extra broth.)
I also used fresh shitake mushrooms because I loooove them!!
Of course I added garlic. I think six cloves? Yeah, garlic & I are besties. Tossed in some S & P, too.
And the savoury I used? A homemade Herbs de Provence blend that my awesome Auntie Lolo gave me for Christmas :) om nom nom!

btw, walnuts are a MUST in this dish! The crunch they add is just...omg...I don't even know. Just do it.

peace, love, food <3
Char, xo 


Theresa said...

This looks sooo good!

amyjeff69 said...


Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

You are speaking my language! Mmm. We just bought some Israeli couscous that would go perfectly with this dish. We can go between risotto n the couscous. Girl, you really rock the food for me.

Jessica said...

glad you liked it!! It was so delish!

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