Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gina's Mexican Cafe!

Ohhh gosh, I love authentic Mexican food <3

For years I had listened to people rave about Gina's Mexican Cafe, about how fabulous the food is, the decor, the service...but it took awhile before I finally decided I needed to make dinner there happen.
My first visit was about two months ago, and I have been back twice since then. Unfortunately, this picture is the only one I've taken of my food there, but each dish has been freakin' tasty! <3 Last week, I celebrated my birthday dinner at Gina's, and chose to dig into their veggie burrito (pictured). Containing tofu, soy mozza cheese, spinach, and a variety of other veggies, it also came alongside corn, rice, and refried beans (which remind me so much of Cabo San Lucas). The guacomole? I ordered a side of it. Because you can't have Mexican food without guacamole! <3
Gina's salsa is made fresh in-house, and the first serving with tortilla chips is complimentary. I promise, you'll never eat better salsa than Gina's.
Among my other dinners? I have tasted the Veggie Variety combination plate, and another time requested that my enchiladas contain rice, beans, guacomole, salsa, and soy cheese... The staff happily obliged! So far, Gina's hasn't let me down...and I don't think they ever will ;)

peace, love, food <3
Char, xo

**this restaurant review is entirely the opinion of the author. No compensation was or will be recieved for this review.**


Jessica said...

Fun! I've been there a few times, and never ever really enjoyed it... although everyone else did... both times the beans were really hard :( I should give it another try, as everyone else loves it!! :)

And I didn't get the guac... maybe that would make it better! hehe :)

Miss Bell said...

I must say that I very much enjoy the sangria there and anything I can get with mole sauce on top =) I can't get enough of the decor there either i just love all the colour! Have you been to Penny's Palapa on the water front in downtown Nanaimo? (it's a floating cafe open from May - Sept) Their Mexican is even more authentic and equally as delightful!


Char said...

I have heard soooo much about Penny's Palapas, but have yet to try it out! That's my goal this summer...when it opens in May I'm totally there :)

And I agree! I love the decor, colour, and atmosphere at Gina's :) so lively.

Char said...

P.S. Jess, I'm sorry to hear you had bad experiences :( I hope you have better luck next time when you visit :) definitely try it with their guac! <3

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