Friday, September 17, 2010

Veggie Bean Wraps!

I actually made this awhile ago, just after I made my Dilly Bean Dip. These were so good, & were very portable. The bean dip gave a lot of flavour, so I didn't need to season the veggies or anything at all. Everyone who tried a bite also loved it! (Yes, sometimes I share my food.) Seriously love rice wraps :) Also, to my fellow University students: these are CHEAP!! I love good food...but it's even more awesome when it's inexpensive :)
From my kitchen to yours <3

2 rice paper wraps
1/4 cup leafy greens, chopped
1/4 cucumber, spiralized
1/4 carrot, spiralized

1) Lightly moisten rice wraps with water, and press together. They should be flexible & easy to work with.
2) Spread Dilly Bean Dip onto your rice paper.
3) Top with leafy greens, cucumber & carrots.
4) Roll like a burrito.
5) Eat :D

peace, love, food <3
Char, xo


Anonymous said...

Vietnamese spring rolls. :)
Add some bean sprouts and try it with peanut sauce next time.

Jessica said...

I'm totally making this for school. I've been searching for an idea for lunches, and this is perfect!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

Char said...

Brad, Already done :)

Jessica, you're sooo welcome! :D You can use pretty much any dressing on your wraps to change it up for variety

Candice Virginia said...

These look fantastic! & I'm with Jessica, these are going to make the perfect portable lunch food. :-)

SalsaZensations said...

Hi Char
Is there any essential kitchen appliances that lends itself to veggie food preparation that you would recommend. A a man, I am a klutz in the kitchen and would like to swing towards a healthier diet. My main problem is I don't like bland vegetables and am not allowed sugar so it's a toughie; my lettuce and other veggies become icebergs in my fridge.


Richmond, BC

Char said...

Candice, totally hope you enjoy them! :D

Marcus, my favourite tool is the spiralizer!

It makes veggies a lot more fun. I spiralize them for wraps, salads, or raw pasta. This recipe is a fun one for sneaking your greens in:

I also use my blender & food processor daily. I think these are probs the 3 best tools you could have! :)
Hope this helps! :)

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