Friday, April 30, 2010

Carrot & Orange Pudding

Om nom nom. *burp* So good.
You may remember a previous post I made, for carrot pudding. I've been craving it a lot lately, & decided I needed to make it again; though this time with some slight modifications.
I honestly hadn't intended to change the recipe at all, but when I had all of the ingredients processed, I realized it wasn't as smooth as I wanted it to be; it was a little chunky. What could I add? Water? too bland. Lemon juice? might clash with the carrot flavour. ORANGES!! yessssssss :D
They were delicate enough in flavour to not overwhelm the pudding, but rather compliment it. And because oranges have such a high water content, they smoothed it out delicately. Perfect! :)
I'd also like to mention, too, that a new favourite thing of mine is adding a scoop of natural Vega to my puddings. I was a little afraid at first that it might have that icky "protein-taste," but nope!! lovelovelove it! I enjoy my puddings even more with Vega added! I also tried this with chocolate pudding.
I made another chocolate pudding that was quite similar to the last, but changed it a little & made 4 times the amount.  Without the agave, sea salt, or cacao nibs, I took it to a raw potluck at Rawthentic Eatery in Qualicum, and it was a hit :) Back at home, I mixed it with Vega, et voila! A yummy, filling, nutrient-dense pudding. Try both the chocolate & carrot-orange pudding with Vega; both are incredible, I don't have a favourite <3

1/2 cup almonds
1/2 tsp sea salt
2 large carrots
1 tbs vanilla extract
1/2 cup dates
3 small satsuma oranges (or 1 1/2 large oranges)

1) Finely chop almonds & sea salt in a food processor. Add carrots, and process until completely destroyed.
2) Add vanilla extract; process.
3) Add dates, & process until smooth.
4) Lastly, add the oranges. Process until well-combined, and a smooth & creamy texture is reached.

Bon apetit!

Btw, I typically mix about 3/4 cup pudding with one scoop Vega; find what works for you. Happy munching :)

Char xo

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