Monday, April 18, 2011

Thai Sweet Chili Baked Tofu

And the birthday celebrations continued!

I went to respite last week, where I truly feel like one of the family. They had made a whole pot of yellow curry sauce, as well as a little bit of red curry sauce. We chopped up a bunch of veggies (broccoli, potatoes, carrots, zucchini) for the yellow curry sauce, which we turned into a soup with chickpeas :) Added in some soy sauce, & it was freakin' delicious! With the red curry sauce, we stirfried some asparagus & yellow pepper, adding the sauce when the veggies were golden. Then I marinated some tofu in the sweet chili sauce & baked it! Awesome birthday dinner :)

...and they bought me a present?!?!

Look how pretty the wrapping is! The card was super cute, too :) I didn't expect that they would buy me a present!


They bought me a mortar & pestle!!! :D :D :D !!!

It's HUGE, and sooooo beautiful!! <3 And because it's so heavy, it doesn't move around at all while in use. I am SO SO SO EXCITED to use this!! :D :D
Among my other gifts? A new 6.5qt slow cooker from my Mommy! (to replace my last one that broke), and apparently there are more prezzies in the mail, coming from my Dad and my Auntie Lolo! :D super stoked.

...and someone special brought me yellow flowers (my favourite), and vegan chocolates from Bernard Callebaut...but I'll save that story for another post :) <3

With leftovers a couple days later, I added some spiralized zucchini to my soup, and baked some more of the tofu w/ steamed cauliflower. I also finished up the last of my amazing cake :) <3 This has truly been the best birthday ever! Happy day, foodies!

From my kitchen, to yours <3

Sweet Chili Baked Tofu:

1 pkg extra firm tofu, drained, pressed & cut into cubes
2 tbs sesame oil
3 tbs Bragg's
2 tbs Thai sweet chili sauce

1) Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Whisk together the sesame oil, Bragg's, & Thai sweet chili sauce. Toss the tofu cubes in the sauce and allow to marinate.
2) Bake tofu cubes for 20-25 mins, or until golden & slightly crispy. Turn pieces halfway through cooking to allow them to bake evenly.
3) Serve warm, with love :)

peace, love, food <3
Char, xo

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